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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 6: Cairo

The Great Pyramids

The grandfather pyramid Cheops is the biggest and the oldest among the three Great Pyramids.

Cute little boy

Very cool :D

The son pyramid Chephren. It still has some original limestone casing, but only left some on its peak. Chephren also built the Great Sphinx.

We entered the tomb inside the pyramid. It was a small and long narrow path down and then upwards to a big room inside. We had to walk and squat at the same time and I kept thinking what happened if we were trapped inside. :P

The grandson pyramid (Mykerinos) with 3 small pyramids for the queens.

The son pyramid looked bigger and higher but it is actually smaller than Cheops on the left.

With our tour guides.

Camel ride

The camels were cute but smelly :P

Western Sahara desert

The Great Sphinx

Perfume shop
The perfume was expensive, about USD30 for a small bottle. I didn't think it was any different from the perfumes that are sold commercially everywhere. Anyway, perfume is not my thing.

The Alabaster Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha

This is where they clean up before going in for prayer.

Mobbed by the kids, they were so friendly. They asked "what's your name?" "how old are you?" "can I take photo with you?". Some boys even asked "can I have your phone number?" :P
I felt like a superstar hehehe...

At the mosque compound.

Chinese restaurant
We were sick of eating the same food for a few days. So for a change, we had the dinner at a Chinese restaurant. But, they were not good too. The food was bland, maybe no MSG hehehe.. Clear soup with spaghetti and tomato, can you imagine???

Light and Sound show at the Pyramids

This was quite bad. Actually I was expecting some lasers show, but the light show was so low tech, it only projected different colours to the Pyramids and Sphinx. And I also didn't quite understand the story it was trying to tell. :P

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