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Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 7: Cairo - Memphis - Sakkara - Cairo


Alabaster Sphinx

The biggest statue of Ramses II


We entered the tomb inside Titi pyramid, the long narrow path to the tomb is similar to the one at second pyramid of Giza. Afterwards, we headed to Tomb of Mere Ruka (a person of high officials) which is preserved so well.


Step Pyramid of King Zoser I (see how high it is compared to the dots of people on the right side)

Dashur pyramid in the distance

This is also a pyramid, no kidding..

Fresh pita bread

Khan al Khailili
After lunch we went back to Cairo, and visited the famous Khan al Khailili bazaar. It is a very touristy place, most shops are selling the same items as in Luxor to Aswan but they are even more aggressive. We only bought a magnet and walked around the block.

Tips for bargaining: I feel that they are more sincere if I tell them I am from Indonesia. The price quoted will be higher if I said I'm from Singapore hehehe... Where else can I say I'm from Indonesia and the locals will appreciate you more. But it was already too late, I would be going back in two days. :(

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