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Friday, November 16, 2007

Boulevard Haussmann & Notre Dame at night

The strike continued, and it was getting worst. I waited 45 minutes for a train and it was so packed even at 2pm.

I went to Boulevard Haussmann, a shopping strip in Paris. The main stores are Printemps and Galeries Lafayette which occupied a few buildings each. Both are stcoked with expensive items, after browsing for a while I didn't even bother anymore, so I just walked up and up until I found an outdoor area where I could see the panoramic view of Paris. Nice. :)


I always love christmas decorations. It gives you a very happy feeling.

These puppets really can move.

Eiffel Tower in a distance.

Sacre Coeur church.

Galeries Lafayette

The famous dome.

The panoramic view from Galeries Lafayette.

Notre Dame in a distance.

Better view of Sacre Coeur.

I hurriedly took a metro to Notre Dame for the second time. This time I still couldn't find it, so I went inside the cathedral and asked the guy at the information desk. He said he didn't know where it is and his colleague didn't either. How could it be?? Anyway, I won't be coming back again. Luckily I got some pictures of the night view. It was not a wasted trip after all.

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Anonymous said...

You are there at the right time...

Xmas light up just lights up our mood :)