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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 12: Lisbon - Fatima - Coimbra - Porto

Fatima Sanctuary
The sanctuary was built to commemorate the three peasant children having multiple visions of Virgin Mary. Thousands of pilgrims came to Fatima to pray and hopefully get their wishes fulfilled.

Outside the sanctuary

This place is huge!!

Pope John Paul II

Could you see me down there?

They prayed and walked on their knees as part of the ritual.

Coimbra University
It is the oldest university in Portugal.

Could you see the $ sign? This is in front of the Faculty of Medicine hehehe..

View from the courtyard

Porto is the second largest city after Lisbon which is famous for its port wine. Other countries who produce the same wine cannot call theirs as port wine except Portugal.

Random churches

The wall was adorned with porcelain tiles.

Dom Luis bridge
The view from here was wonderful.

Porto main station

We had dinner at a cafe near our hotel. Hubby had a lamb dish which was not good, and I had Serrano ham baguette with Sangria (Spanish alcoholic drink). Serrano ham is the best quality and most expensive ham produced in Spain but I had it in Portugal hehehe.. It tasted like sashimi, loved it.

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