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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paris metro strike (again)

I have a love hate relationship with the Paris metro. Hate it because when it is on strike, the waiting time will be very long, we will be packed like sardines or worst, no train at all for a particular line. Love it because it will be a free ride for the whole day hehehe... So whenever it happens, it will be my day out to explore Paris.

This time it has been on strike for two days. Yesterday, I supposed to meet hubby for lunch near his office, but suddenly the metro line was discontinued. I was already late for 20 minutes and if I had to take bus, I have to walk for another two blocks and I wouldn't know whether the bus was running. So in the end, the lunch was cancelled and I went to Les Quatre Temps at La Defense again. Now I'm getting smarter, I know that I have to go back home around 4-5 pm, ahead of the office workers.

So today I met him for lunch in a chinese restaurant. Ahhh, I haven't had fried noodles for so long. The food was good. Then, I went to BHV near Hotel de Ville. It was a big department store selling clothes, bags, accessories, linen, kitchenware, electronics, DIY stuff, furnitures, beds etc. What I love most was the lingerie section. There were so many choices and it was not very expensive compared to high-end lingerie boutique in Singapore. Actually, even place like Auchan hypermarket has nice lingerie collection. Those brands that I saw in Singapore boutiques are actually stocked in the hypermarket here hehehe...

After walking through rows and rows of shops I reached the Notre Dame Cathedral. I wanted to find Point Zero of France (where all the distance in France is measured from here) but can't find it. To satisfy my curiosity, I think I have to come back again :(

Fountain with sphinx at Place du Chatelet. It was built to commemorate Napoleon's victory in Egypt.

Seine river from Pont Au Change

Notre Dame cathedral

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