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Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 7: Fuengirola - Mijas - Fuengirola

It was a free day for us because we didn't want to take any of the optional tours. We took a walk along the coast line thinking of spending some time at the beach doing nothing, but the wind was so strong and cold. It was really not a good time of the year to visit a beach resort so in the end we took a local bus to a small village of Mijas.

It was only half an hour by bus from Fuengirola. The village is famous for its white washed houses and the sight of the cluster of white houses was very very pretty. It was a good decision to come and we stayed here for a whole day.

Betty Boop at the balcony

A road sign

A souvenir shop

Donkey ride

Piping hot lasagna for lunch

A church inside the cave

Overlooking Costa del Sol from Mijas

Fuengirola at night

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