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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 152: Seoul (Gwanghwamun Square ice skating rink)

The Gwanghwamun Square is converted into three ice skating rinks during this winter season. That's the good thing about living in a four-season country, every season we could participate in different kind of activities, life is definitely more colorful. :)

The ice skating rink opened in mid December and will last until end of February. And the most shocking thing is it only costs 1,000 won (SGD 1.2) for one hour session including the rental of the skates!! Even his Korean colleagues are in shock when they heard this. Korea is da best!

Since it's so affordable, hubby is determined to learn how to skate before this winter ends. :D I don't know how to skate either, but I usually pretty bad in all sports so I'm not very optimistic hehehe...

Gwanghwamun Square
We braved the freezing weather of -13 and walked all the way here from Insadong.

Crazy Haechi in bikini

The tickets for the next few sessions were sold out and the earliest available was the 7pm session. So we bought the tickets and heading back home.

Ice skating rink

The kids were pretty good.

Gwanghwamun Square at night

Christmas lights

The ticket booth and skates rental on the left, lockers room on the right.

We changed the size of the skates for a few times before it fit properly. It was so difficult to walk with the skates and the distance from the locker room to the rink was quite a distance.

Christmas tree in front of the ice skating rink.

The staffs were cleaning the rink before our session started.

I was quite scared and hold on tight to the barrier when I went in. Oh no.. it was so slippery. How am I going to move? My arms were sore holding on to the barrier and I did that for two rounds. But after that, I had the courage to let go. By the end of the session, I could confidently walk without holding on and I had not fallen once yet. :)

Hubby improved quite a lot because he was more aggressive and as a result he fell so many times. Just like the saying "no pain no gain"...

Since we improved quite a bit, we decided to get tickets for the next session. So we bought the tickets, went for our dinner and came back an hour later.

It was a mistake to go for the second session, our ankles were already hurt when we put in the skates again. I only managed to play for half an hour since it hurt so much. So I took the camera out and started taking pictures.

Hubby in action.

Not bad, after only two hours of learning.

I still couldn't slide, walked like a penguin :P

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