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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 160: Seoul (It snowed again)

This was the second snowing after a week of freezing weather hovering around -10. I had been thinking that this wasn't fun at all, we got all the cold weather but it never snow. Felt being shortchanged hehehe...

This time the snow fall was longer, it was falling all over afternoon. As a result, our balcony was all covered by snow. Nice...

All white

View of our neighbour apartment. The snow was still falling and they had started to clear it up. Of course, it's a wasted effort.

At night, we went for dinner at Insadong after a snow fight in front of Fraser. :)

Get set!


Fraser shuttle bus covered in snow.

Look what I did. ;)

Insadong looked different in snow. I was very excited, walking hand in hand in snow really felt so romantic hehehe... :P

Insadong in snow.

Someone built a snowman with Nescafe cup.

Leaves covered in snow.

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