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Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 151: Seoul (The irresistible galbijim - braised short ribs)

His Singapore colleagues told us that Galbijim is the best Korean food that they ever had in Korea. We went to check out the restaurant, and when we saw the picture we were a bit skeptical. The restaurant was a few doors away from Starbucks Insadong, it was the same place we had the cold buckwheat noodles sometime ago, and we didn't like the noodles at all.

So one day when we didn't know what else to eat, we went there again and ordered the galbijim. We ordered a small pot for two of us, but when the dish came, was a lot!!


It didn't look very appetising, but when we had our first bite, we were totally converted. The meat was so tender and the sweet and spicy flavour was all over our mouth.

The rib was huge!!

We thought we couldn't finish it and prepared to tapao back. But in no time, all gone!! We didn't spare the gravy either, it was so good that we cleaned it out completely until we could see the bottom of the pot. :P

8 huge ribs

Galbijim was a bit on a high side, our small pot cost 30,000 won (SGD 37) and I think we were just overly excited that we could finish it all. The size should be good for three people in normal situation. :)

Galbijim stands at number two of my favourite Korean food, my number one is still the tteokbokki at Samcheongdong.


Anonymous said...

Hi Irene, I'm planning a trip to Korea soon, your blog and comments have provided alot of inspiration! The (Galbijim) ribs look so yummy, can I know the directions to the restaurant where you've tried it?


Irene said...

It's hard to describe because I don't know any of the street names. You try to find Starbucks at Insadong (there's only 1), and the restaurant is just a few doors away. You could find the photos of the restaurant interior at Hope it hasn't changed.