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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 162: Seoul (A quiet birthday)

This year birthday was very low profile compared to the last few years. It was my turn to cut the cake.

Cool packaging

Raspberry cake

Not an ordinary plastic knife.

Why nobody think of this? Usually we frantically look for matches when celebrating birthday in office.

Din Tai Fung
First time we went to the Taiwanese franchise restaurant in Seoul. It is located in Myeongdong, the shopping district.

Instructions on the back of chopstick cover of how to eat xiao long bao. :D

Xiao long bao

Only the first few bites were good. The food here was so oily!!

Oily soup

Meat bun, the skin was good but not the meat.

Soup was quite bland and oily. :(

We ordered too many, and took away the fried rice.

The fried rice was so oily too, I could see a layer of oil at the bottom of the container after I took out the fried rice.

It was a disappointment, don't come here.

Pho Hoa
This time we tried the Vietnamese franchise restaurant. Both dishes were fine.

Pad thai

Beef noodles soup

This beef noodles soup was very good, much better than the other Pho restaurant that we tried a few months back. At least the noodle here is quite authentic compared to Pho Bay. The soup was very tasty too, I could finished the whole bowl with no soup left. :)

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