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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 2: Ipoh (Lost World of Tambun)

We had our breakfast at Jose & Deli cafe on the second floor of the hotel. I ordered a nasi lemak while hubby ordered a continental breakfast. The food was just average but the cafe ambiance made up for it. Love how they used the old and recycled stuff to decorate the place. Overall, a very cosy place to hang out and chill.

Our breakfast
Chandelier made of wine bottles

Outside sitting area

Besides the usual pastries and beverages the cafe also sells some knick knacks

From the cafe we could see the Sunday morning market nearby the hotel.

After a quick breakfast, we checked out from the hotel and drove to the Lost World Theme Park in Tambun where we were going to stay for two nights.

Lost World Hotel 
The room was pretty nice, but no soundproofing at all. I could hear footsteps, chattering and door slam all night long. :( If you want to stay here make sure you request for the room at the very end.

Lost World Hotel

View from the room

Lost World of Tambun
The theme park consists of four sections: amusement park, small zoo, waterpark and hot springs.

A very picturesque themepark. Everywhere we look there are mountains and hills.

Our daughter was very excited as this is her first theme park experience. She kept saying it was "a big playground".

Her first merry-go-round

Merry-go-round with Daddy

Unfortunately, this merry-go-round was the only ride she could take. She was either too young or the rides were under maintenance. The kids playground at the waterpark was also under maintenance, so the next available option for her was only the zoo. Luckily she got a free-entry otherwise I would have asked for a refund!

The zoo wasn't very big but it was enough to keep small kids entertained. I particularly enjoyed the birds section because we could enter their big cage and saw them up close. The peacocks, ducks, and some small birds were roaming freely next to us.

After the zoo there was nothing else for her to see or to play, so we asked our helper to bring her back to the hotel for a nap while we proceed to the water park.

Cliff racer

We loved the Tube Raiders. Tried all the four different slides, but the one aptly called the black tube was a thrill. It was terrifying while sliding down into the black hole, a total darkness enveloping us and at the same time our float was gaining speed at each turn. And then suddenly we were splashed out to the open water. Hahaha... awesome!

Four slides in The Tube Raiders

I usually enjoy the Adventure River, but here they didn't give us the float to ride on. We had to pay extra to hire the float and it wasn't cheap. It really doesn't make sense to pay extra for something that is necessary to enjoy the attraction.  Other waterpark like the Adventure Cove in Singapore and Wet n Wild in Gold Coast provide the floats for free.

Adventure River

Kids Explorabay was under maintenance, otherwise it would have been fun for her.

The sandy beach. Looks nice, but sadly it's also under maintenance.

Hotsprings Spa
All the pools have the same temperature which is about 40 degree Celcius. We were pool-hopping every 5 minutes till we found the one that we like.

The infinity pool was our choice.

The cave pool was too hot, we couldn't even stay inside for more than 1 minute.

Hot and painful... my feet asked for mercy in the Foot Spa hehehe...

The hotsprings experience marked the end of our day at the themepark. Overall, I'll give it a 6 out of 10. The themepark is trying too hard to have everything under the same roof but in the end nothing really stands out.

Lou Wong
For dinner we went back to Ipoh old town since there wasn't much choices in Lost World. We went to this place called Lou Wong.

If you search in Google, Lou Wong is the most famous place for the beansprout chicken. But actually on the same street there are at least two other shops selling the same dish and they were all very crowded. Hubby had a hard time finding a parking space.

The crowd at Lou Wong

The chicken itself was so so only. I have had a better Hainanese chicken in Singapore. But what I enjoyed most were the fish and pork balls and the kway tiao soup. The kway tiao was very smooth and tender that I could just slurp it. Yummy!! The texture of Ipoh kway tiao was somewhat different from those I tried before, it was really really good.

Hainanese chicken

Bean sprouts

Fish and pork balls

Kway tiao in clear soup

Portion wise, it was very big. We should have just ordered for two person instead. Total damage was a mere RM 41 (SGD 16).

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