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Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 7: Genting Highlands Theme Park

It was a great day at the theme park. The sun was shining brightly but the temperature was still cold. I think this is the advantage of going to a theme park in highlands. You won't get hot and sweaty.

Genting Theme Park

Our daughter was very excited, she wanted to try all the rides including the roller coaster. We told her that she had to wait for another ten years. LOL!

Not for the faint hearted.

Genting Theme Park is great for toddlers. The park has a lot to offer for their little guests. Yeah, they don't need exciting and hi-tech rides, just a merry-go-round in many versions will make them smiling from ear to ear.

She was crazy about the Flying Dumbo ride since she could move the car up and down, and did it all the time till I got sick. Daddy took turn to ride with her. In total, she took this ride more than ten times.

Spaceship ride, similar to Flying Dumbo

Next, she went for the free fall ride. I thought she might cry but she had no reaction at all hehehe...

Adult version
Kids version

After this ride, we had a quick lunch and sent her back to the hotel room for a nap. Well, that is the benefit of staying next to the theme park, we could come and go as we like.

Now it was time for us to try out the adult rides.


Boating was the most popular ride in the theme park, we waited for about half an hour for our turn. That was fun and relaxing.

The bumper boat ride was equally popular. We had a great time crashing into our fellow riders. The navigation wasn't easy though, some people just lost control of the boat and kept spinning on their own. 

Bumper boats

Hubby went on to take all the scary rides while I was picking up daughter at the hotel. The roller coaster rides are definitely not my favourite. I don't see the point of getting myself scared silly. :P

While we were waiting for Daddy to finish, we took the Pirate's Train. The train ran slowly and brought us into a dark tunnel full of many scary creatures. While we were in there, I was waiting for her reaction but she remained quiet. Finally we completed the ride and she asked me blankly, "What is this, mommy?" I burst out laughing hehehe.., this is supposed to be a ghost ride, but it can't even scare a toddler.

Pirate's Train, the lamest ride ever

Mommy, I want to take picture with this!

Antique car ride

She had so much fun at the theme park and took the rides non stop till closing time. I guess this must be her best holiday so far. :)

Hubby went on to try the Archery in the First World Hotel. It was only RM 9 for 12 arrows. Worth trying!!

Archery in the First World Hotel

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