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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 6: Cameron Highlands - Genting Highlands

We only stayed one night in Cameron and made our way to Genting Highlands. This time we took the old road out of Cameron Highlands since it is a more direct way to Genting. The good thing about this route is it also passes many places that we plan to visit.

Big Red Strawberry farm
No trip to Cameron Highlands is complete without a visit to the strawberry farm.

The strawberry farm

What a huge strawberry!

Tried a fried strawberry ice cream but didn't buy any strawberries since they were not very sweet. Their vegetables were pretty fresh though.

Fried strawberry ice cream
Fresh butter lettuce for sale

We stopped by a park near Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata. Nice place for kids to run about.

Continued our way down to a bee farm.

Bee farm

Close-up look of the bees behind the glass door

Before reaching the highway, we had one last stop at Lata Iskandar waterfall.

Lata Iskandar waterfall

We stopped by the petrol station for a quick lunch and continued our way up to Genting Highlands. Compared to the road to Cameron, I think the Genting road was more dangerous. The road is wide but there are many sharp corners and very steep elevation, especially the last few turns before we reached the top.

The road to Genting

Genting Highlands
We were staying at the Theme Park Hotel, just next to the Theme Park itself.  Well, that was the one and only reason we came all the way to Genting, to introduce her to the themepark hehehe...

Miniature of Genting Highlands
Our room

View from our room

We had our dinner at the First World Hotel. Everything was expensive like Singapore. Ah...I missed Ipoh. :P

First World Hotel

Our daughter was so excited when she saw the amusement park inside the First World Hotel. We didn't let her play and she started wailing hehehe... I had a hard time explaining to her that she would have one whole day at the "big playground" tomorrow.

The culprit that made her cry

We all had an early night sleep to prepare for the big day tomorrow.

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