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Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 3: Ipoh (Perak Cave, Kek Look Tong)

Our room came with a complimentary breakfast. Lost World Hotel didn't have a restaurant of its own so the breakfast was provided at the Theme Park restaurant just across the street. The selection was pretty standard, we had some hot dishes, bread, cereals, and some fruits. I notice that the local loves their nasi lemak so much, everywhere we go nasi lemak is always on the menu. 

Breakfast in alfresco style

Hot dishes

Fried chicken and stir fried vegetables

Nasi lemak with condiments

After the breakfast we went back to Ipoh to explore some of the caves. Ipoh is blessed with many limestone hills so it is not a surprise that they do have lots of cave temples.

Perak Cave (Perak Tong)

Kwan Im statue standing tall in the middle of the pond

Perak Cave entrance
Calligraphy on its wall

Beautiful murals

There were stairs inside the cave that led up to the open space up the hill. We decided to climb since it didn't look so high.

Let's climb
Greeted by a huge calligraphy outside the cave

There were more stairs once we reached outside. Leaving the kid and helper behind, we continued to climb. The stairs were somewhat deceiving, there was always a new set of stairs waiting once we reached up there. And after halfway through, it was too late to quit. 

More stairs to climb

And more climbing

The statue at the highest point

And finally we were at the highest point after climbing up more than 200 steps. The view up here was a disappointment despite having the long mountain range in the background. The industrial buildings in front us was really an eyesore.

The view of Ipoh

After taking a bit of rest, we went down the steep stairs with our jelly legs. It was no joke to do this kind of climbing in a hot weather.

Our next destination was Kek Look Tong cave temple. I was hoping that there wasn't much climbing involved.

Kek Look Tong
Before we even arrived at Kek Look Tong, the view surrounding us was quite impressive. Check out the video below.

Just outside the Kek Look Tong

Let's explore

Wow...such a huge cave

Rock formation

Kek Look Tong is probably the size of two soccer fields. While the kid was happily running everywhere, we walked slowly admiring the rock formations on its ceiling and also the stalactites and stalagmites formed in every nook and cranny of the cave. To conclude our little tour, a garden with an impressive mountain backdrop was awaiting us at the rear exit of the cave.

The garden view

An ample sitting area was provided for visitors to enjoy the garden scenery. It was nice to sit here while taking in the cool breeze.

Foh San Restaurant
We went back to the old town for our dim sum lunch. This place was also recommended by hubby's friend who was originated from Ipoh.

Foh San restaurant

Very crowded during lunch hour

The dimsum was good. I'd already assumed that this would cost quite a bit since the place looked pretty classy but amazingly it didn't. All this was only RM 32 (SGD 12)!

Our dimsum meal

The hot weather was really sapping all our energy. We went back to hotel and took a very long nap till dinner time.

Tuck Kee
This restaurant is located at a very quiet residential area at Pasir Pinji. If not because of friend's recommendation, we wouldn't know about this restaurant. Even on the Internet we couldn't find anything about it.

The place was fully occupied with local diners which was a good sign. :) They didn't have a menu so I just let the captain recommend a few dishes for us.

Smoked duck. Yummy!
Luo han cai

Their signature dish: Hor fun with big prawn. The best dish I had in Ipoh!!!

The prawn was as big as my plate.

All the dishes were delightful especially the big prawn hor fun. This dinner was arguably our best meal in Ipoh, a great way to mark the end of our stay here. :) Total damage was only RM 72 (SGD 28). I told hubby we should consider retiring in Ipoh. :D

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