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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 4: Ipoh - Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is a small island off the Malaysia west coast. The island is approximately 1.5 hour drive from Ipoh plus a short ferry ride from the mainland. There isn't any expressway from Ipoh to Pangkor ferry terminal, only a small two-lane road connecting the small villages up to the Jetty Complex where we took the ferry to Pangkor.

We left our car overnight at the Jetty Complex and brought only a few items with us since we were going to stay only for one night.

Jetty Complex, Marina Island

Yachts berthing at Marina Island

Pangkor Island is just a short ferry ride away.

Pangkor Island, a fishing village

Arrived at Pangkor

From the ferry terminal, we took a 15 minute cab ride to our hotel, Anjungan Beach Resort.

Pink! The official color of Pangkor taxi

Anjungan Beach Resort
The hotel looks good in photos but in reality it doesn't. Our room was tired and somewhat dirty, but what bothered me most was the mosquitoes. My daughter and I were both badly bitten during the night and her face was covered with many red dots the next morning. Glad that we only stayed for a night.

Not as good as it gets

Our duplex room
Queen bed on the lower floor

Twin beds at the attic

A daybed by the window

A ship shaped swimming pool

We had our little lunch by the beach at Daddy's cafe. The beach was very quiet when we were there, a nice place for a meal.

Daddy's cafe

Chicken chop with fries

Fish and chips

In the late afternoon we went back to the beach and took a speedboat ride to Coral Island for snorkeling. This little island was just across the cafe where we had lunch earlier. Hubby said it was so near that he could just swim over. Well, see you there. :P 

Coral Island

The snorkeling wasn't great, there were too many rocks around and no corals found. Fishes were plenty though, and we spotted a sea cucumber. At that time, the current was pretty strong too, so we only snorkeled for a while. We then hiked to the sandy part of the island to wait for our boat. Told hubby that I only signed up for snorkeling but getting jungle trekking for free. :)

Snorkeling near Coral Island

A short trekking to the other side of the island

A small cafe at Coral Island

Our daughter was much happier here since she couldn't do much while we snorkeled.

Singing and dancing to her heart content.

Sunset at Pangkor

There wasn't much to do at Pangkor especially at night. We came in during weekdays and almost all the shops were closed. The food stalls were closed too so not much choice of food available. Overall, I was quite disappointed with Pangkor. I didn't mind the quietness, but the snorkeling wasn't good either. Definitely not a memorable experience.

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