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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Day 11: Rome (Italy) - San Marino (Republic of San Marino) - Venice (Italy)

On our way to Venice, we visited San Marino. It is another small country surrounded by Italy. This is already the third small countries we visited after Monaco and Vatican.

San Marino
The souvenir shops were selling dangerous knives and weapons that I had never seen before. Those were real stuff, not child's play. They were usually illegal in most countries, but here it was just like another souvenir, and they were cheap too.

San Marino is well known for a fortress at the very top of the hill, but we didn't climb up to the very top due to time limitation. So we just had a relaxing stroll around the shops here.

A government building

We reached our hotel in the evening, so we would only explore Venice in the next morning.

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