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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day 3: Paris (Part 2)

Many famous French were buried here, one of them was Victor Hugo who was the writer of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is also where the Foucault pendulum was installed to show that the world is rotating.

We climbed the stairs of 200 over steps to reach the dome. From here we could see the city of Paris, but I still preferred the view from Notre Dame.

As it was getting dark, we returned to our hotel to meet other tour members. Later, all of us would go for the illumination tour of Paris.

The night view of Paris was so fabulous, it was no surprise that Paris is called City of Lights. All the important buildings were lit up so brightly. Pete, our tour manager told us the story behind every important monuments or buildings as we passed them that night. It was a crash course on French history. I loved it. :)

Eiffel Tower (at night)
The highlight of this tour was to ascend the Eiffel Tower. There were lot of people queueing to go up the Eiffel. Luckily we could proceed faster as we were in a group. We went up first level, second level, queued again, and then up to the top level. It was really high up here and the view was amazing.

Spotlight from Eiffel Tower

Jardins du Trocadero

After we finished taking a lot of photos we went down and waited for the others at the bottom of the tower. Then suddenly at exactly 10 pm, the tower was glittering. Wow, the lights were spectacular, it was like a giant christmas tree. Luckily it went on long enough (10 min) for us to set up the tripod, took some photos and videos.

We would come back again to get the day view of Eiffel.

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