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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 4: Paris (Part 2)

Arc de Triomphe
This arch is an important monument for France because it was built to celebrate the war won in Napoleon times. At the inside walls of the arc we could see the names of generals who went to battle with Napoleon. Their name would be underlined if they died during the war. Under the arc is the Tomb of Unknown Soldier with the flames comemorating the dead in two world wars.

Actually we could climb up the monument, but it was closed when we reached there. :( According to our tour guide, we could get the view of Eiffel tower as well as the crazy traffic around the arch if we were up there. There are 8 different lanes around the arc and none of the traffic lights. You can imagine how havoc the traffic is.

The tomb of the unknown soldiers

Eiffel Tower

Ecole Militaire
This building was the military school built by King Louis XV. Napoleon Bonaparte was once trained here.

This marked the end of Paris tour for the time being. We would return to Paris on Day 23.

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