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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day 3: Paris (Part 1)

When preparing for this trip, I had already read a lot about Paris and there were so many buildings/monuments/churches to see. We would have full itineraries for these two days. The following are the must-see in Paris:

Notre Dame Cathedral

Side view of the cathedral

Rose window

We climbed up more than 400 steps to reach one of the tower. From the top we could see the great city view and the famous gargoyles. Trust me, it is worth the effort to climb up those stairs :)


Notre Dame bell

Eiffel tower and Seine river at the background

The spike of Saint Chapelle

Saint Chapelle

Palais de Justice
It is the court house of Paris. I was surprised that tourist could go inside and wander around.

La Conciergerie
Marie Antoinette was one of the famous people that was imprisoned here. Unfortunately it was closed, I didn't have the chance to see her cell anymore. :(

Sainte Chapelle and La Conciergerie are part of Palais de Justice complex. It is only a short walk from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

We walked around and found a small chinese restaurant nearby, so we decided to have our lunch here. I tried not to eat sandwich or baguette if possible, I didn't want to eat that for the rest of the trip!!

Palais and Jardin du Luxembourg
After lunch, we walked to Latin Quarter towards Pantheon. Before we reached Pantheon, we took a rest at the Luxembourg garden. It was a very beautiful garden with blossoming flowers, sculptures at every corner and the palace in the background.

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