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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 10: London

Is this correct? I thought it should be St. James' only. (without s)

St James' Park
This Royal Park opposite the Buckingham Palace was so lovely. We passed by a lake, fountains and lots of squirrel running around. So cute!! Wish we could stay longer, but we were rushing to catch the Changing Guards ceremony.

Love this view.

Buckingham Palace

The guards were preparing for the Changing Guard ceremony.

People were waiting for the Changing Guard ceremony.

These people too.

To tell the truth, it really didn't worth the wait. I had been expecting the guards to be in their red uniform, but it was grey instead. Probably that was their winter uniform. We waited this for about an hour, so wasted. :(

Wellington Arch

Harrods is supposedly to be a legendary luxury department store in London but I was a bit disappointed when I saw the place which was quite cramped and looked like much in need of renovation. The store had everything but it was only the wood dining table that I remembered. It cost more than GBP 10,000.

Harrods itself is also a brand name, many tourists lapped up everything with Harrods logo. The most popular item was the plastic bag in different sizes. GBP 7 for a small plastic bag, no wonder the owner is getting richer and richer. Talking about the owner, Mr. Al Fayed is a prominent figure too. His late son is Dodi Al Fayed, who was killed in a car accident with Princess Diana.

But Harrods was still worth a visit, there were a lot of interesting things I found here. :)

Mr. Al Fayed in wax version.

The bronze statue of Dodi and Princess Diana. It was exquisitely done.

The best from Harrods: listen to the opera singer when you shop. She was amazing.

Imperial College
This college is as famous as Cambridge and Oxford.

Royal Albert Hall
It is one of the most famous arts venue in the world. To be able to perform here is one big achievement for the artists.

Albert Memorial

Royal College of Music
I knew this name since I was 7 years old when I started to learn the theory of music.

Kensington Palace
The residence of late Princess Diana.

Hyde Park

London at night

The Parliament with Big Ben

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

London Eye

Walking under the stars...

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