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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 9: London

Before this trip, I had compiled such a long list for London that I didn't think we could finish it all. London is such a big city that full of places that I always see on TV. Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Big Ben and so on. I had heard all these names all my life so I was curious to see what they really were. It was a dream come true to visit London. Next is New York. :D

The London Visit Pass was so expensive so we only bought the two-day passes. The plan was to see all the free sites today and then used the passes for the next two days. We just had to use the pass as much as possible and see how much we could cover. Be warned, I didn't think an average tourist will be able to cover as much as we did for these three days. ;)

London Tube
The tube lines were so complicated, we always had to consult it every time we took a ride. To reach one destination, an average of two transfers were required.

Tube sign

Royal Courts of Justice

The Embankment

Egyptian Sphinx

London skyline

London Eye

Trafalgar Square

Nelson's Column

Piccadilly Circus
The only place where the big neon signs are allowed.

Iconic London


London Eye again

Salvador Dali exhibition

Star Wars exhibition

Big Ben and the Parliament

Winston Churchill

Pink limo!!

Westminster Abbey

Don't be fooled!! This picture was taken from a poster. :P

Downing Street
This is where the Prime Minister lives. The street is off limit to the public.

Monument in front of Downing Street

Westminster Cathedral

Natural History Museum
After visiting so many arts museum, this was the only museum that I never been to. I wanted to see DINOSAURS !!

I think the UK Government is very generous that all the museums here are FREE!! It is really a good learning experience for the kids. Not to mention how happy they were, I was also so excited when I saw the dinosaurs. :P

See how long the dinosaur is..

T-Rex in action

The Blue Whale is so big that it occupies the entire floor.

Four Seasons Restaurant
This Chinese restaurant is famous for its roast duck. Every Singaporean that has been to London must have come here.

We had my birthday celebration here. Luckily it was only two of us, so we just had to wait for about half an hour. The waiting list was so long!!!

It was packed during dinner.

The roast duck was simply the best.

Spicy egg plant with mince meat - only good at the first few bites, it was very oily.

Fried pork ribs with salt and pepper - too salty, a bad combination with the egg plant dish above.

So, next time just order the roast duck.

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