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Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 8: Bath - Stonehenge - Salisbury - London

Bath was a small and lovely town, nothing much to see here except for the famous Roman Bath. Even though it was small, I could sense that Bath is the residential of wealthy people. It is a good place for retirement, away from the hustle bustle city life but still quite modern where you can get everything you need. Just need to have lots of $$$$$ to afford this kind of lifestyle. :)

The Circus

Royal Crescent
A row of residential houses that formed a crescent.

Pulteney bridge

Shopping street

Bath Abbey

The Roman Baths

The Pump Room

A restaurant in an elegant surroundings, where you could have your meal serenaded by a pianist. It is the social heart of Bath for over two centuries.

A prehistoric monument that composed from large standing stones in a circular settings, circa 3100 BC. Definitely one of the most famous monument in UK.

Actually we could see the stones without paying the entrance fee of GBP 6 per person (expensive!!) but the area was all wired up, so it won't look good in photo. I read that the Government will close the road next to Stonehenge and build a tourism center or something. When the time comes, everyone must pay to see it.

That day was so cold and windy, even though they gave us the audio guide to listen we couldn't stayed for long and enjoyed the commentaries. I think we could have only stayed for 15 minutes and hurriedly left the place.

Poster of Stonehenge

After this we went back to Salisbury and visited the cathedral. The cathedral was one of the best I had seen on this trip.

Salisbury Cathedral

After 8 days on the move, we took a train back to where we started. We would be staying in London for the rest of the trip.

Travelodge London City Road
Even though Travelodge is a budget hotel, their hotel at City Road is quite sleek. The location is central, the room is spacious and clean, fully furnished with new furniture, plus LCD TV. We paid GBP 313 for 5 nights in this peak season, which was quite a good deal.

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