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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Day 2: York - Newcastle - Edinburgh

Hotel 53

Clifford Tower

The tower was just a short walk from the hotel. We went back to the hotel afterwards and checked out. We decided to take our luggage along to explore the city as we didn't want to waste time to walk back here and then go to the train station. What to do...

City Center

York Minster
It is the most famous landmark of York. The church is very big but I am not impressed, its interior is just so so.

Bootham bar, another old city gate.

Museum Garden

A lot of squirrels running around here.

St Mary's Abbey ruins in Museum Garden

View from Lendal Bridge

Walking on the city wall

Our itinerary was to take a train from York direct to Edinburgh. But when we knew that the train would stop at Newcastle, we thought why not? Anyway, next time we wouldn't purposely come to visit Newcastle. Also, I had heard some of our friends said that Newcastle was beautiful so it might be worth a stop.

This First Class cabin was equipped with wireless internet connection so we quickly turned on our laptop and started to search for "must see" list of Newcastle. The journey was so fast, I only managed to download the city map to his PDA memory card and quickly packed everything as we entered the city. The technology has really changed our way of travelling.

The city is full of bridges, total of 5 bridges along the river Tyne. We dragged along our luggage as we walked to the riverside. The roads were quite hilly, it really tested my arm's muscle this time.

Gateshead Millenium bridge at the very far end

Tyne bridge, isn't it similar to the Harbour bridge in Sydney?

Swing bridge and high level bridge in the background

Queen Elizabeth II bridge

City center

St Nicholas church

We arrived Edinburgh in the evening, after buying a take away for our dinner we straight away checked in to the hotel and didn't go out anymore. Tomorrow we need to wake up early for our trip to Lochness.

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