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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Day 127: Naminara Republic (aka Nami Island)

We took a train from Cheongnyangni Station to Gapyeong. Unfortunately, the reserved seat tickets were sold out, so we sat at the door steps for 1.5 hour. :(

Our train to Gapyeong

It was difficult to get a cab from the train station and the bus to the ferry terminal only runs every 40 minutes, so we shared a cab with others.

The ferry terminal was very very crowded, we quickly bought our ferry tickets and joined the queue for our ride.

Nami is a leaf shape island.

Clearing immigration ;)

Boarding time

The ferry runs pretty often, like every 5-10 minutes.

That's our lousy boat. We couldn't get to choose, they just want to fill people up as many as possible.

This boat is much nicer.

Less than 10 minutes ride we arrived at Nami.

Many transportation modes are available here, bicycle, train, Segway and so on. We chose to walk. :D

Choo choo train

It was very very crowded over here and I was a bit disappointed. My imagination of having a quiet and peaceful time while enjoying its sky high pine trees were ruined.

Bae Yong Joon, the most famous Korean actor worldwide.

His drama, Winter Sonata was filmed here. I didn't watch the drama, so all these shooting locations aren't very appealing to me.

This is where they shared their first kiss.

Pine trees lane

Ginkgo trees lane

This eating place was super crowded and we waited for half an hour for our food to come. We ordered a fish cake soup and kimchi rice that came in a stainless steel lunch box.

Fish cake soup

Kimchi rice in a box

When I told my Korean friend about this unique meal, she told me it was their olden days lunch box. The box is made from stainless steel so that it could be easily reheated on the stove. At that time, they don't have microwave yet. She explained further, the ingredients were usually put underneath the rice to prevent other students stealing your food.

So, that's how you prepare it. First, wear the provided hand gloves because the lunch box is very hot. Then shake it vigorously until all the ingredients are well mixed like bibimbap.

It was such a simple meal of rice+egg+kimchi but it was so satisfying. Yummy indeed!
Tips: Add some seaweed for extra goodness. :)

Continued our walk after lunch, found a quiet spot so we set up our mat here for an afternoon nap. :P

There is a hotel, few cottages and bungalows for rent if you want to stay overnight.

My dream house :D

Or you could stay here, for free. :P

The ostriches were roaming freely. They were very tame but I still scared of them.

Ostrich encounter

These little men were displayed around the clay art studio.

Any idea how it turned out like this?

The queue for the return ferry was many times longer than the time we came. It was probably about 1 km long. Luckily it only took half an hour for our turn.

Well, I might be coming again in winter but only during weekdays. :D

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