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Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 11: Tokyo (Ameyoko, Asakusa, Akihabara, Tokyo Tower, Ginza, Tokyo Station)

A market in Ueno selling Japanese stuffs and cheap snacks. This is similar to Namdaemun Market in Seoul.


Fresh seafood

Very long fish

Japanese snacks and crackers

We had our sushi buffet here, only ¥1050 per person.

Queueing for my sushi

Since we didn't know how to read Japanese, we ordered systematically. :D

First round, everything on the upper left.

First round

Second round, everything on the upper right.

Second round

Third round, everything on the bottom half.
Third round

Third round

The sushi was just average, I still hadn't found the one that melted in my mouth yet. :(

This is where the Sensoji Temple located. You won't be able to find the Kyoto temple peacefulness here.

Kaminarimon Gate (Thunder Gate)
Famous for its huge red lantern.

No visit to Tokyo is complete without this photo. :P

A kimono girl in front of Kaminarimon Gate

A wedding couple in a rickshaw.

The souvenir shops are lined up from the Kaminarimon Gate to the Hozomon Gate.

Very very crowded

Temple second gate, Hozomon.

Huge slippers

Hmm... it doesn't look like 2500 kg

Hubby was angry when he knew this place wasn't in our itinerary. I was actually quite surprised that he knew about this place hahaha...

Akihabara, the electronic town. Now you know why it's not in the itinerary. :D

We saw many girls dressed like Lolita here than in Harajuku. Those girls were distributing pamphlets or brochure to shoppers and they didn't like us to take photo of them.

Yodobashi Akiba, the biggest electronic store in Akhibara, a 9 storey building full of gadgets.

Hubby was very excited here, I told him if you don't want to buy anything don't let me walk the whole building, we need to conserve energy.

Every floor was as crowded as this.

The good thing here is we could try almost everything. I was pretty excited too when I tried those paparazzi kind of camera. The quality is so damn good but in terms of handiness,I still prefer my small camera. It is so uncomfortable to carry such a bulky camera everywhere.

Tokyo Tower

A reflection of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, similar to Eiffel Tower but much smaller in size.

Another luxury shopping district.

Ginza shopping street

Wako, the Ginza landmark building.

Mikimoto Christmas tree

Tokyo Station

Don't apply makeup on the train!

Miffy Christmas tree

We went to Tokyo Station just to buy our train tickets to Nikko tomorrow. Tokyo station was huge and the office where they supposed to sell the Tobu tickets was so far away. So we tried our luck in JTB when we saw one. Luckily they were selling it too. What a relief..

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