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Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 15: Tokyo (Tsukiji market, Odaiba and finally, a mouth watering sushi)

Tsukiji Market
The best time to explore Tsukiji Market is in the early morning, 5am to be exact when they start the tuna auction. But we are not an early riser, so this is definitely out. The next best thing to do is to try out the fresh sashimi from the small eating places around the market.

Tsukiji Market entrance

Tsukiji Market

We reached there around 11pm, most fishmongers had already cleaned up their stalls and closed for the day.

The seafood products were stored in styrofoam boxes.

Huge fish head

The official transportation inside the fish market.

Long queues were already formed outside these eating places, and it was not even noon yet.

Queued for about 20 minutes.

It was difficult to decide.

That's what we were going to order, salmon and tuna belly (toro) don.

I took this photo quickly because they don't allow photography inside.

Inside the eating place.

Oh so disappointed that I wasn't be able to capture our huge slices of raw fish. We had 7 huge slices of tuna belly and salmon (equivalent to 14 slices of Singapore size!). They were absolutely heavenly and this time they did melt in our mouth. We usually don't like tuna, but for tuna belly it is a different story altogether.

After the fish market, we went back to our hotel to take a nap. :P


Odaiba station

Ferris wheel

Venus Fort
A shopping mall in Odaiba. It was quite similar to Las Vegas Caesar Palace but smaller in size.

The sky would change color according to time.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge and giant Christmas Tree

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower

Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty. Don't worry, this is still Tokyo. :)

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Statue of Liberty.

So which combination is your favourite?

Statue of Liberty

We went back to Shibuya because I liked Shibuya so much.

Harajuku girl in Shibuya station

Shibuya alley

While we tried to find what to eat for dinner, we saw this sushi standing bar. Hmm... sounded interesting. Actually we were thinking of having a Burger King next door, luckily no!

¥75 (SGD 1.15) for each sushi. Pretty cheap for Japanese standard.

The sushi chefs at work.

It's a full house.

As the name suggested, we had to stand while eating.

First round

Yaki samon mayo (slighly burned salmon with mayo)

Samon (salmon)

Ebi mayo (slighly burned shrimp with mayo)

The big chunk of avocado really felt very fresh.

I just couldn't express how happy I was while having these sushi. They were really so good beyond words. Looking at these pictures again while writing this blog, definitely makes me hungry. :D

Round two

Anago (slightly burned conger). This is much better than unagi.

Yaki geso mayo (slightly burned squid legs)

Third round we ordered those that we had earlier plus a few new ones.

Slightly burned salmon

Amaebi (sweet shrimp)

After many below standard Japanese foods, at last we were able to taste the excellent sushi and standing for an hour was really nothing compared to what we had.

And the good thing is it only cost us about SGD 45 for 32 pieces of sushi. If we had it in a restaurant, it would definitely burn a big hole in our pocket.

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