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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 14: Tokyo (Imperial Palace, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown)

Toyoko Inn Asakusabashi Kosaten
This Toyoko Inn is very new, only about 6 months old. Eventhough they try to market it that every Toyoko Inn is the same, actually it's not. Do read the fine print about the facilities and the kind of breakfast provided on its website.

Us in Toyoko Inn pyjamas. Now we have a complete photos of the pyjamas from this trip. :)

So far, this is the best breakfast we had in Toyoko Inn.

Tokyo Imperial Palace
We booked in advance for the tour inside the palace. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is about 15 minutes walk from the Tokyo Station.

Walking to the Imperial Palace

This time our tour group was even bigger than the one we joined in Kyoto. I estimated there were about 200 people and most of them were Japanese. To our disappointment, the tour was conducted in Japanese and we were only given the audio guide. :(

The Imperial Palace tour

Fujimi-yagura, the watch tower

The Imperial Household Agency Building

Kyuden Totei Plaza where the royal family will appear on special occasions like Emperor's Birthday to meet the commoners.

A Japanese garden

Nijubashi bridge

Tokyo skyscrapers

Police car with royal family logo

The tour wasn't enjoyable at all. The guide was explaining everything in Japanese, so when the rest of people laughed, we were very blurred hehehe... Anyway, most of the buildings in the palace are quite modern, not like those in Kyoto Imperial Palace where they still maintain the traditional buildings.

Outside the Imperial Palace East Garden

Roppongi Hills
It is a big complex of many office buildings, cinema, museum, shopping mall, and residential area. I guess it is one of the most desirable address in Tokyo. I looked in envy at those residential apartments, must be pretty cool to stay here. :P

Rose garden

Tokyo Tower

Maman, the big spider invaded Roppongi.

The same spider was also sighted in Ottawa, Canada.

Interior of the building

Christmas decorations

Asahi TV station

With doraemon :)

And exactly at 5pm, all the glittering lights were up.

The christmas illuminations were sponsored by Samsung mobile.

Keyakizaka, where all the luxury shops are located.

Tokyo Tower in the background

The office buildings in Roppongi Hills

Mohri garden

Maman under the moonlight

We had a bento dinner at Roppongi Hills.

The bentos were pretty cheap and nice. We saw a lot of office workers eating here.

After this we went to Tokyo Midtown nearby. Another big shopping mall cum office building.

Roppongi, outside the Roppongi Hills

Tokyo Midtown

This tree has hundreds of tiny Santa Clauses. Wow..

Very creative...

Illuminations at Tokyo Midtown

This is the best Christmas illuminations I've ever seen.

Millions of lights were laid on the big grass field and every few minutes the lights were illuminated like the cosmos field. It was so beautiful that my jaw dropped for a while. :P

Too bad I recorded it using my camera and it didn't look as nice as the original. :(

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