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Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 8: Osaka - Yokohama

The journey by shinkansen is supposed to take 1.5 hours only, but ours took 3.5 hours because it was the slowest shinkansen. :P Actually both the fastest and the slowest run at about 300 km/h , the difference is only on the number of stops it made. The fastest shinkansen only stops at limited stations, but the slowest one stops at all shinkansen stations. But never mind, for just 2 hours it saved us about 30%.

Our shinkansen tickets, Puratto Kodama

Shinkansen in Japan, KTX in Korea, Eurostar between London, Paris and Brussels, they all refer to bullet train.

Airplane like interior

This is my childhood chewing gum. It was a luxury at that time. :P

The train passed by Mt Fuji. Everybody was frantically taking pictures.

Mt Fuji

Sheraton Yokohama Bay
This was the only luxury hotel we stayed on this trip. So the plan was to stay longer in a hotel room than sightseeings hehehe... By the way, Yokohama isn't a very big city so it is easily covered in half a day.

The chandelier at the lobby

Christmas decorations

We booked the room with some SPG points + USD 60 only. Our room was supposed to be on low floor but they sort of 'upgraded' us to a higher floor room.

SPG floor

Lift lobby

So nice! It was a luxury to have a room this big in Japan. If not for the twin bed, everything would be perfect.

Complete toiletries

And the view... awwwww

Yokohama Bay

Yokohama Bay Bridge

After checking in, we quickly started our sightseeings. In November, the sky turned dark at around 5pm, so we didn't have much time left.

We took the Akaikutsu, a sightseeing bus around the bay area.

Queen's Square Christmas tree

Ferris wheel

Yokohama Chinatown
The biggest Chinatown in Japan.

A crowded Chinatown

Most restaurants were decorated very nicely.

Old Shanghai feeling.

How I missed the dimsum. Surprisingly the bbq pork bun here was as authentic as those in Hong Kong or Singapore. The Chinese bun in Korea just couldn't make it.

The bun prices

Eating a steaming hot bun in a cold weather. Shiok...

At ¥250 (SGD 4) each

This Chinatown has the most gates I ever know.

A busily decorated Chinese temple

Not very far from the Chinatown is the Harbour View Park.

Yokohama Bay Bridge at night

From there, we took the bus to Osanbashi Pier.

View of Yokohama at night

We had our dinner at a shopping mall near Sheraton.

Unagi don + soba

Tempura don + soba

My tempura sucks... After so many bad experience, it is confirmed that finding a good Japanese restaurant in Japan is difficult. The worst thing is it is expensive too. Not like in Korea, everything is so cheap and good! After 8 days in Japan, we were longing to have our favourite BBQ meat in Korea.

Before the trip, I heard a lot about how good the Japanese food in Japan. We actually love Japanese food and have it at least once a week while we were in Singapore. Our weekend was never without sushi! So this trip is supposed to be about food, food and food.

I guess people are watching too much Japan Hour on TV. The Japanese are very good in presentation, so when you see nice things and the host said "Oishiii" it is pretty convincing.

Enough complaining :P

Back to our hotel for an early night.

View from our room

How I love their pyjamas. The material was very soft, probably made of Egyptian cottons.

He's in grey and mine in pink!

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