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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 9: Yokohama - Kamakura - Tokyo

This little town is only about half an hour train ride from Yokohama. We reached there in the afternoon and the train station had already overflowed with people. Since we dragged our luggage along, we had to find a large locker to deposit them before starting our sightseeings. Lockers were not many in a small station like Kamakura, and with the crowd madness like this, of course none of the lockers were available.

So the only way is to drag it along with us to see the Big Buddha. Well, anyway this is not the first time for us. :P

Took Enoden train to Hase station

Luckily we could find a locker in Hase. So not so bad after all.

See the crowd

There were many souvenir and snack shops along the way to Big Buddha.

Freshly made rice crackers

A giant rice cracker

The Big Buddha
It isn't a very big Buddha after all, the one at Mount Sorak is at least two times bigger.

Big Buddha

Buddha slippers

We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The chinese food in Japan was actually pretty good.

Seafood fried rice

And to our surprise, they had kong bak pao (pork belly slices with bun). We ordered some and they were excellent.

Kong bak pao

Other than the Big Buddha, there's nothing else to see in Kamakura. It's just not worth the hassle to come all the way here for this. We should have just skipped it and go directly to Tokyo.

We reached Tokyo in the evening, and straight away check in to Toyoko Inn.

Toyoko Inn Otsuka-eki Kitaguchi no. 1
This Toyoko Inn is the worst I ever stayed. The building is so old and it reminds me of cheap US highway motels. Not only that, the breakfast variety is equally bad. Others usually provide miso soup, rice balls, salad, some Japanese side dishes and bread. What they have here is only bread and coffee/tea, not even some orange juice.

And the room rate here is more expensive than all my previous stays. Yes, I know this is Tokyo, but the other Toyoko Inn (Asakusabashi Kosaten) that we are going to stay on the later part of the trip has the same rate and it is a brand new hotel.

Not a good day after all. :(

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