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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 12: Tokyo - Nikko

We reached Nikko in the afternoon after about 2 hours of Tobu train ride from Asakusa Tokyo. Left the luggage at our hotel near Nikko station, we straight away took the Tobu bus to Lake Chuzenji.

Lake Chuzenji
The journey to Lake Chuzenji took about half an hour and the scenery was impressive. The bus went through the Irohazaka winding road and we could see ourselves getting higher up the mountains with the scary cliffs surrounding us. If only we arrive a few weeks earlier, I could imagine the autumn colors in Nikko is nothing less than spectacular. And as for now, no single leaf left on the trees. :(

Once the bus completed the winding road path, we could see the Lake Chuzenji in view. I just couldn't imagine there could be a lake waiting for us up here.

Before we went to explore Lake Chuzenji, we had a quick lunch near the lake.

Monkey in action

Kegon Waterfalls
The biggest watefalls in Nikko.

About 100 metres in height, one of Japan most famous waterfalls.

The thunderous roar

Lake Chuzenji
The largest lake in Nikko.

Lake Chuzenji

The weather was so cold up here, we were the only two people exploring the lake!

Swan boats

More swan boats

They were everywhere

From here we took the bus again to Yudaki waterfalls.

The bus stop at nowhere and we had to cross this forest to the waterfalls.

It had already snowed at the mountains.

Yudaki Waterfalls

This picture doesn't do justice. It is much bigger than this, check out the video.

From here we took the steps next to the waterfalls up to Lake Yunoko.

It was only 400 metres up, but I was still breathless.

Went upstream

Lake Yunoko
We were greeted with such a beautiful sight once we arrived.

So beautiful and peaceful around here.

Lake Yunoko is less commercial than Lake Chuzenji, no swan boats here.

Lake Yunoko was the highest point we went up to. The day was getting dark so it's time to head back to Nikko, on our way back we stopped at Senjogahara marshland.

Senjogahara marshland

It felt mysterious around here.

I don't want to be here when it's dark.

Senjogahara marshland

Arrived at the station, it was time to look for our dinner but not much choices here. Luckily we spotted a big supermarket just one block away from where we stayed.

Bought our dinner from the supermarket and heading back to hotel to check in.

Viva Nikko Hotel

Tatami mat room with western style beds.

Our room was pretty big, probably 1.5 time bigger than our ryokan stay in Kyoto.

Check out the huge unagi, it cost less than SGD 10.

We had a feast in the room, had some sashimi, bento rice with crab leg meats, and huge unagi. :)


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