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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 5: Kyoto

This wasn't our lucky day for sightseeing. It rained the whole day and night. :(

Path of Philosophy
We supposed to think deeply when walking along this path. With an umbrella on one hand, camera on the other and have to avoid the muddy pools, it was mission impossible. :P

Path of Philosophy

Honenin Temple
Since the rain kept pouring, we took a refuge in this temple and just sat there for a very long time. Oh how I love to go there again in a rainy day. Definitely my best temple experience.

Rock garden

Chionin Temple
A very big temple, pretty average.

Maruyama Park
A very nice park between Chionin Temple and Yasaka Shrine.

Yasaka Shrine

Queue to ring the bell.

I don't know what this is. A prayer maybe.

Close up look of the papers.

We had a quick lunch at Nakao, a Japanese fast food restaurant similar to Yoshinoya. The meal was average.

Custard pudding

After lunch we started to walk towards Kiyomizudera. More temples along the way!

Japanese style houses

I couldn't remember the shrine name. It is next to Kodaiji Temple.

Roll these steel tubes while saying your prayer.

Actually after visiting so many temples, we were supposed to be bored to death. But amazingly it never happened! In fact, we really enjoyed walking around the temples. It felt so serene and peaceful.

Kiyomizudera Pagoda, we were pretty close right now.

Shopping street towards Kiyomizudera.

This shop is selling Totoro merchandise.

The chinese characters are so cute.


Other Totoro characters

80% of the shops along this street are selling Japanese rice cakes in various kinds.

One of the biggest store in the area.

A very busy store.

Must try this in Kyoto. Very nice.

The sesame flavour is my favourite.

Pretty candies

Kiyomizudera Temple
It's the most touristy temple in Kyoto.

We went to Gion in a hope to meet a Maiko or Geisha.

Some Gion restaurants will have Maiko serving the customers.

Only saw a Maiko lantern. :(

The cheapest wagyu beef is about SGD 160.

We returned to Kyoto station for our dinner.

Kyoto Tower

Went to a shopping mall called Porta, it has many Japanese restaurants at the basement.

I love this shop!! Similar to Daiso with nicer stuffs.

This is the reason why...

¥300(SGD 4.5) will be exactly 3 coins but ¥315 is not.

We had our dinner here.

Great ramen, the soup was so thick.

He ordered a set of ramen and fried rice.

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