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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2: Osaka - Minoh - Osaka

Minoh Quasi National Park
The National Park is located in Minoh, outskirt of Osaka. It is about 40 minutes ride from downtown Osaka.

Many souvenir shops are lined up along the way to the park entrance. The most popular snacks from Minoh is the momiji tempura (deep fried maple leaves).

Two old ladies were frying momiji and I noticed they were always working in pairs.

Dip the maple leaves into the batter.

I tried, since the leaves are very thin you won't be able to taste anything, so all in all it's just fried batter. Not nice..

We were walking upstream to the waterfalls, about an hour walk from the park entrance.

There are a few small temples around the park.

This is what he is drawing. Similar?

Red maple leaves were everywhere, I just couldn't get tired of them. :)

This was the only monkey I saw.

At last, we reached the waterfalls.

I tried the takoyaki, hated the bits of red ginger that they put in. Why all the things I tried not nice?? :(


From Minoh, we took the train back to Osaka.

Tsutenkaku Tower

Went to Den Den Town to get a laptop power cable. We were freaking out yesterday when we found out that it didn't work which means we couldn't transfer our photos to the laptop.

Den Den Town, specialized in electronics and manga related stuffs.

Statue of Liberty at Amerikamura (American Village)

Actually there's nothing much to see in Osaka except shopping. That's why we could still go to Minoh despite the fact that we only stayed for 2 days.

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