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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 6: Kyoto

Arashiyama, about 40 minutes bus ride from Kyoto is absolutely gorgeous during autumn. Easily accessible and so near to Kyoto, it's a very popular getaway for the local.

Togetsukyo bridge

Oi river

Mount Arashiyama as a backdrop.

Take a boat tour along the river.

Tenryuji Temple

A red car under red maple leaves.

Japanese rock garden

Another not to be missed is to walk into the bamboo grooves.

Bamboo grooves

Torii gate of Nonomiya shrine against the foliage.

These two maiko really made my day. I had been praying these few days for a chance to see them in person. A trip to Japan will not be completed without this photo. :P

My favourite photo of all time. :)

We had lunch at the roadside just outside the bamboo grooves.

Soba noodles and saba fish

Yam cake covered with sesame paste on the sides. After all sides are done, they will stamp the cake with their own brand.

The final product

After lunch, we went back to Kyoto and visited more temples. :P

Ninnaji Temple

Ryoanji Temple
Personally I think this temple has the best autumn foliage in Kyoto. (Second favourite after Nanzenji Temple)

Started to open my mouth waaaaaa.... :D

Sunlight came through the moss garden.

Close up look of the moss.

Needless to say, it's beautiful!

Kinkakuji (Temple of the Golden Pavillion)
The Golden Pavillion was a breath of fresh air for all the temple buildings that we had seen so far.

The entrance ticket of Kinkakuji

The Golden Pavillion and its reflecting pond.

Throw your coins to the bowl for good luck. (Of course I don't believe it!!)

We moved out from Toyoko Inn and stayed for a night at Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) for a change. No visit to Japan will complete without this too. :D

And don't think this kind of inn in cheap, it is the most expensive accommodation that I ever pay in my travelling years hehehe...

Matsubaya Ryokan

Breakfast area cum living room

Our room is a 6-tatami size room (means the room could fit 6 tatami mats).

6-tatami mat room

TV at the corner

Sipping a cup of hot green tea completes the whole experience.

Japanese crackers

A modern toilet

After resting for a while, we went to Kyoto station again for our dinner.

Giant christmas tree in Kyoto Station

Hubby ordered a chiraishi don + ramen set.

My mouth watering chirashi don

This time the raw fish was up to standard, we were absolutely satisfied. :)

Back to the ryokan for a night.

Yukata was provided during the stay.

One last photo before going to bed.

And one last thing to do before going to bed.

Preparing our own bed! What a chore heheheh...

Meeting the maiko and staying at ryokan really completes our Japanese experience. Mission accomplished!

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