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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Day 1-2: Singapore - Tokyo (Japan) - Washington DC (USA)

Changi Airport, Singapore
The time was still early when we cleared the immigration. We straight away went to ANA lounge at Terminal 1, and saw a swimming pool on our way there. The pool can be enjoyed for a fee, towel will be provided plus a complimentary drink from the bar next to the swimming pool. Great facility but I don't think the transit passengers will ever think of packing their swimsuits in the hand luggage. :)

Swimming pool

The deserted bar

ANA lounge
The lounge is pretty small, equipped with snack bar and some workstations. The sushi is good though.

Snack bar

Quite cramped

Only two workstations

The ANA airplane was not very new compared to the recent SQ or TG I took a few months back. The movie selection was just adequate, food was above average but I loved the dessert: a small tub of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. For toiletries, not much available in the rest room and toothbrush set was only provided upon request. Their service was impeccable, the stewardesses still continue their rounds to serve drinks even when the light was off. Usually I always have to press the button to call, but this time whenever I woke up, someone was always around.

We were lucky that the flight was not full, so we occupied the whole row of seats, but won't be able to do it anymore for Tokyo - DC leg.

Narita Airport, Tokyo

ANA airplane at Narita Airport

I was happily snapping some photos at the food section in the duty free shop. They were so colorful, cute and yummy.

This mini grand piano can play by itself, see the keyboard. (47,000 yen = SGD 630)

I have to take this photo, it looked so ugly. :P

Buy travel insurance from ATM like machine.

ANA lounge
The lounge here is so stylish, spacious and providing many choices of food. They have sake bar, noodle bar, rows and rows of workstations, and the best of all is the massage chair!!

ANA is also under Star Alliance.

Isn't it cool?

Sake bar

Noodle bar

Udon with ANA fish cake


Makeup area in ladies rest room

The smart toilet. The seat is too warm though :P

I tried them all. :D

At first I thought their version of massage chair was this, lucky I went to all the cubicles and discovered the real massage chair. :D There are only two provided.

See how peaceful I am? :)

Japan fascinates me. I should consider it as my next travel destination. :)

Dulles Airport, Washington DC
Finally, after another 12 hours we arrived. Dulles Airport terminals were not connected to each other and we had to take this weird looking vehicle to go from one terminal to another.

Thank God, the immigration clearance was a breeze.

We took a shuttle bus to the city center and then the subway to our hotel.

Metro station

George Washington University Inn
This hotel is within walking distance to the university. Our room was upgraded to a junior suite!!


Living room

Kitchen complete with fridge and microwave.

We had a nap and only went out for dinner. Tomorrow we would start exploring DC.

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