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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 9: Quebec City - Montreal (Canada) - Boston (USA)

What a great weather, if only we had one more day in Quebec. Adieu Canada and welcome back to USA!

Took this shot from outside the hotel, it's a clear blue sky. :(

Jean Lesage Airport

Self check-in machine.

Counter is only to drop off luggage.

Waiting area

The seat with power socket is clearly indicated.

This is the smallest airplane I ever took, only 10 rows with 4 seats on each row. Initially I was a bit worried because of its size but we got not choice. It's better than spending our time on the bus for the whole day. The air ticket wasn't cheap either, SGD 400 per person for such a short journey.

Air Canada Jazz

It's only a few flight of stairs compared to the usual one. :)

She is the only stewardess on the flight.

So my worries was unfounded, and we arrived safely in Montreal.

Another Air Canada Jazz from Montreal to Boston.

We went through US immigration in Montreal instead of Boston. It was great because we spent the transit time clearing the immigration rather than doing nothing.

Took T subway from airport to city center.

Hehehe.. not all are run-down like this. :)

Our hotel was Hyatt Regency located in Financial District. But we couldn't check in yet, so after left our luggage there we went to Chinatown for lunch. The portion was HUGE, should have ordered one instead of two.

A mountain of seafood rice. :)

Same for the noodle.

Still left so much rice.

The leftover noodles is like our local one portion. :)

USS Constitution
The oldest warship that is still afloat, built in the end of 18th century.


So uncomfortable to sleep like this.

USS Cassin Young
This warship is more interesting, docked opposite USS Constitution.

My favorite pose with machine gun. :)

Boston skyline

Faneuil Hall
I love this place, a lot of shops, food, and souvenirs. Will come back again for dinner.


Quincy Market, just behind Faneuil Hall.

The food hall in Quincy Market.

The cafes at the sidewalk.

Harvard University

The statue of John Harvard

Harvard emblem.

The park in campus.

Memorial Church

More Harvard emblems.

Widener Memorial Library - what a grand building!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Compared to Harvard, the buildings in MIT campus are quite boring except for Stata Center.

Frank Gehry's Stata Center - some similarity to Dancing House in Prague.

Sunset at Charles River Esplanade

A very romantic place to spend an evening. :)

Boston Common
A park in the heart of Boston.

View of State House from Boston Common.

Lobster Salad roll and Clam Chowder soup
Boston is famous for its lobster and clam chowder soup. One of the best thing we ever had in this trip. Super delicious!

Boston Chowda in Quincy market.

What a big lobster filling! Accompanied by a very sinful clam chowder soup, smooth and creamy. :)

Hyatt Regency
The best hotel we stayed on this trip, and the room is sooo big.

The corridor IN our room not TO our room.

What a big bedroom!

CD player with alarm clock.

View from the room.

Both of us love Boston, yeah don't mind staying here permanently. :D

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