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Monday, September 08, 2008

Day 7: Ottawa - Montreal

Once we entered Montreal, it is like another country altogether. The local are speaking French, road signs, road names, restaurant menu, and so on are all written in French. But not like in France, the people here still know how to speak English well.

Montreal subway

Everything is in French.

Even the train looks like those in Paris.

Artwork at the station.

An interesting picture, but I don't remember the context of this ad.

Old Montreal
This section of the city feels very European.

City Hall

Place Jacques Cartier

Bonsecours Market

Old Port

Notredame Basilica

Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

A museum dedicated to the environment.

The building is enclosed in the steel latticework.

Park at Biosphere

Photo exhibition outside Biosphere

Inukshuk, a sign that is very iconic in Canada. Read it here.

Montreal Olympic Stadium
Montreal hosted the Olympic Games in 1976.

Mont Royal
We took the bus up to Mont Royal to get the view of the city.

Saw a rainbow on our way.

View of Olympic Stadium from Mont Royal.

Oratoire St Joseph
This church is believed to have some healing power.

I like this section of the church, it feels so magical inside here.

The crutches left by the people who have been healed.

I saw Montreal not as great as what people had told me. The Old Montreal is fine, which reminded me of Europe but the rest of the city is not really pretty. Its charm didn't work on me. :)

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