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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 10: Boston - New York City

The date was 9-11 and we were going to New York. What a coincidence!! But first, we continued our sightseeing until noon before taking a bus ride to NYC.

Boston Public Library

Old South Church

Trinity Church

Reflection of Trinity Church on John Hancock tower.

The sculpture of tortoise and hare race at Copley Square.

Boston Public Garden

A truckload of kids :)

Filene's Basement
I read about the Filene's Basement on a travel guide. This department store is one of a kind with its automatic marked down system. If an item is not sold for a certain days, it is discounted to a certain percent, if after certain days it is still not sold, the discount will get higher and so on. I was so looking forward to it but disappointed when I reached there.

Filene's building

Written at Filene's entrance "No more Filene's" :(

So that's the end of our Boston sightseeing. We went back to hotel to pick up our luggage and proceed to South Station.

This is the coolest bus of all, the interior is so new and clean that put Greyhound to shame. And the ticket is so cheap, could you believe that it only cost USD 4.1 each for a 5-hour journey from Boston to New York City? The low price was also contributed to the fact that I bought the ticket three months in advance, but even if I bought it later, it was still cheaper than Greyhound.

New York City
The traffic jam was so bad since we entered NYC and our bus took one hour just to travel along Lexington Avenue from Harlem towards Manhattan. Harlem looked pretty sad, there were many dilapidated buildings and a lot of graffiti everywhere. It didn't feel very safe either. As we traveled towards Manhattan, things were getting better and there were more and more people on the street. NYC is definitely one of the most congested place in North America.

NYC cab

Times Square subway station - one of the nicer station.

The traffic at Times Square.

The crowd at Times Square.

Finally the bus dropped us at Penn Station and we were making our way to New Jersey. Huh?? Yes, that's correct. A decent hotel here costs USD 300 per night and we need to stay for 5 nights. So instead of paying sky-high price here, we settled down in Newark, NJ which is only a 30-minute ride on the PATH train. Our hotel was only USD 100 per night and the 1-hour journey daily was nothing compared to the amount we could save. We could better spend it on other things like shopping. :D

Madison Square Garden next to Penn Station.

US Post Office building in front of Penn Station.

Took PATH train to NJ.

Best Western Robert Treat Newark
The hotel is about 15 minutes walk from Penn Station Newark. If you don't want to walk, then just wait for the shuttle bus service which runs every half an hour. Other than that, it also provides a complimentary breakfast. So it's really value for money. :)

Just a decent room, nothing to be raved about.

Actually NJ is not that far, I could still see Chrysler and Empire State Building from our room. Not bad, huh? :)

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