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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 12: New York City

NYC subway
The map is so complicated and quite confusing too. There are many entries to the station but not all entries can lead to all platforms. So if we had entered the wrong entrance, we need to u-turn and reenter the correct one from the street level. I thought London tube was quite complex, not until I experienced this. :)

Escalator is quite rare, only if the height is more than three levels then it is available. Elevator is also hard to find and more often full of urine smell. Some stations felt like sauna, but definitely it's great for winter. :P

On the platform.

A digital map display in the newer train.

Most of the trains are quite old like this.

Chrysler Building
A very distinctive Art Deco building.

Entrance to Chrysler Building.

Definitely my favorite building.

Grand Central Terminal

The iconic clock as seen in many movies.

Food court at the basement of Grand Central Terminal.

My lunch, yum!!

Daily News
The building is the model of the newspaper publication where Superman (Clark Kent) works.

United Nations Headquarters
None of the tour is conducted during weekends but we could still go in. The General Assembly Hall was closed so we only visited the gifts and stamps shop.

Myanmar protesters outside United Nations.


The highest volume of CO2 is produced by USA. Compare the ball with the rest of countries.

Postbox in the UN building. More like a rubbish bin :P

Times Square
It is also known as Theatre District where the famous Broadway musical theatres are just around the corner. It's such a great pleasure just to stand in the middle of the road and enjoy the atmosphere. :) Will come back again during night time.

Many big billboards to attract consumers.

I love Ugly Betty. :)

Prince Street

Many fashion shops here, just browse a few shops that we couldn't find back home.

Flatiron Building
One of the iconic building in NYC.

Staten Island Ferry
It is voted as the best attraction in New York City because it's free hehehe... If you don't mind just to see the Liberty from afar, then this is for you.

See the crowd.

That's the Staten Island Ferry.

It's so cloudy, that's why have to make it into sepia. :P

I like this photo with the clouds hovering over the city.

Brooklyn Height Promenade
One of the best place to spend an evening. Simply breathtaking even though I still consider Hong Kong has the best skyline.

NYC skyline

Brooklyn bridge on the right.

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