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Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 11: New York City

World Trade Center
Yesterday was 9-11 and we saw many flowers being left on its current construction site.

WTC construction site

Obama headquarter?? :)

Statue of Liberty
The Liberty cruise is the number one attraction of New York City. We would have spent half a day queuing for tickets if we didn't reserved for one. Ours was bought months ago thru internet which include entrance to the observatory inside the statue. When we reached there, we were ushered to a fast lane and still need 30 minutes to get into the ferry.

Queue to get into the ferry. There's another queue to buy ticket.

Our cruise to Liberty Island

View of Manhattan

The ferry took 30-min to reach our first stop.

Statue of Liberty overlooking Manhattan.

The inscription on the book that Liberty is carrying: July 4, 1776 which is the date of Declaration of Independence.

The posterior of Statue of Liberty.

View of Manhattan from Liberty Island.

The Observatory

The original torch of the statue.

Nosepicking! :P

Interior of the statue.

View from the observatory

Queue to get into the ferry back to Ellis Island or NYC.

Ellis Island
This building is the first registration office for immigrants entering US. Many Americans could still trace their ancestors who came and settled down in this country.

Luggage of the immigrants

Registration hall

WTC Memorial at Battery Park

Charging Bull
The favorite animal of the investors. :)

Trinity Church at Wall Street

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Federal Hall
It is the first Capitol of US and also the location where George Washington was inaugurated as the first president.

George Washington statue in front of Federal Hall.

Century 21
We love it so much that we spent our whole afternoon here. This department store is one of the best in NYC that stocks many high end branded goods at low price. It is rated No. 1 in Zagat survey.

Pho Grand, Chinatown
We went to Chinatown for our dinner, not sure where to go we ended up at Vietnamese restaurant again. Vietnamese food will never go wrong hehehe...

Pho with beef balls and flanks and prawn salad.

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