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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 13: Woodbury Premium Outlets

This day was dedicated to shopping and it was the only planned shopping we had on this trip. We woke up very early, caught the regional train, and arrived at Woodbury Premium Outlets at 10.30 am. It is easily hundred of outlets here, simply not enough time to browse all of them in one day. We had already half running from one shop to another and had a quick lunch but still couldn't visit all the shops on my list. :(

Still very quiet when we first arrived.

Some of the brands:

The most crowded shop was at Coach, it was really like pasar malam and the price was damn cheap. Even though I know a Coach bag is so common and everyone carries one, I still couldn't resist not buying one. We bought quite a number of t-shirts and jeans as well, I could say they are really good buy.

The journey to Woodbury Outlets wasn't easy, we took a train from Newark Penn Station, transit at Secaucus Junction, from here took another train to Harriman, and then catch a shuttle bus to reach our destination. It took us 2.5 hour each way.That's why at first I was a bit hesitant to come here. I am neither compulsive nor impulsive shopper and if after wasting so much time on the road and I don't buy anything, I will be disappointed big time. I really took a risk this time and I glad I did. :D

We reached our hotel at 9pm, both of us were too tired to go out again so we ordered a Chinese delivery. This is my first time to eat from those Chinese takeaway boxes that I always see on TV hehehe...

That's all we have. Compared to others, we are really lousy hehehehe...

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