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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Day 3: Washington DC

Crazy... woke up at 4.30 am, it must be the jetlag. We waited until the sun came out and started our tour at 6.30 am which turned out to be great. Not so many people out on the street yet.

We stayed near the George Washington University.

The quaint little shops.

World Bank

Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Department of Treasury

PNC Bank opposite the Department of Treasury

White House
Tourists are not allowed to visit the White House. It's only open to US citizens, and they also need to get approvals first from government bodies.

Can only take photo from here. :(

North facade of White House

South facade of White House

The ground is off limit. It is actually this far. :)

Jefferson Memorial
This is quite far from the rest of attractions so we just took this photo from the bridge.

World War II Memorial

Reflecting Pool
Located between World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.

I remembered the scene in Forrest Gump, the pool looked so nice and clean. But I was totally disappointed when I saw this.

Shit from end to end.

It wasn't just here, it was everywhere along the path from World War II Memorial to Lincoln Memorial. We had to look where we stepped our feet, and the place was quite smelly too. Gosh, please do something !!!

Lincoln Memorial
It stands in between Korean and Vietnam War Memorial.

Abraham Lincoln sit inside.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Vietnam War Veterans Memorial

The name list of the soldiers.

Names of people died in the war.

Constitution Garden

Walk to Washington Monument via Constitution Garden.

Washington Monument
Washington Monument, World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial are in one straight line.

The Smithsonian Museums
More than 10 museums along National Mall under Smithsonian Institution and they are all free. We only went to National Museum of Natural History and Air and Space Museum because my legs couldn't make it anymore.

Smithsonian Castle

National Museum of Natural History

The elephant at the entrance.

Ancient fish

Ancient turtle

Sword fish

Dinosaurs hall

Ice Age

Cannibal age??

Love the photography section, the photos are so nice, National Geographic material!

Live insects


Can you spot the insect?


My favourite exhibition

Yours, not mine. :P

Air and Space Museum
It was hubby's favourite. I was exhausted and still managed to finish 80% of it.

Apollo Lunar Module

View from the top.

Myself under the infrared.


Space shuttle Challenger

Miniature of Hubble Space Telescope

The early airplanes

Weird looking airplane

See that kid at the end?

The Wright Brothers

First airplane

We came out from the museum at 3pm. The weather was so hot and dry, we were lucky that we started early.

Capitol building

It was heavily guarded, and photo taking was not allowed. So we just took pictures on anything related to Pentagon but not the Pentagon itself. :)

Pentagon Memorial stone

This is the best I could take.

Finished all the attractions under 10 hours. What a day. :)

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